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Headlamps + Lighting

In case you aren't able to get your car up on the wall or crag with you, listen up. Headlamps are one of the more important devices used by climbers today, with an ever-growing market to choose from. Once again the Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp shows up with it's award winning design. If you haven't heard, this headlamp is water resistant, adjustable so it's sure to fit any size noggin, and has approximately 50-160 hours of run time. The Petzl Tikka XP 2 Headlamp also sheds some light on those late hikes, climbs, and trekking expeditions with it's super bright LED wide-range light.

Lanterns more of your thing? Don't sweat it, the Black Diamond Titan Lantern is a little gift that is our most powerful basecamp lantern for cooking, organizing gear, or searching for those keys you lost three miles ago on the trail. These Lanterns are the answer for maximum light output with minimum space taken up.

If you still prefer the ol' light-in-the-tube, some Flashlights are available to go along with those Headlamps on your outdoor adventure. The Princeton Tec Attitude Light brings you a smooth, bright, triangular white light display with the push of a button. Small and lightweight, this Flashlight is sure to shed light on anything you point it at. Anything tangible, that is.

The bright light is good in this case, so be sure to take a look at the Headlamps, Lanterns, and Flashlights.