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About Light Hiking Shoes:

Alright, we have to admit it – we got a little excited over here. Light-hiking? That sounds awesome. It’s like, all dark or whatever, and then you have reflective light material attached to your clothes while emitting a strobe of black light in all directions. Would make for a pretty crazy experience out there, right? Turns out, that’s totally not a thing, and this page is about something very different if not wholly important in its own right. Light hiking shoes provide you with footwear that gives you the support and strength you demand out on the trails without any extra bulk, keeping your nimble and agile as you trek across your favorite trails.

Just because you’re getting into something lightweight doesn’t mean you’re limiting yourself. These shoes are still full of all the best features you’ve come to expect from top-notch hiking gear, with industry-leading technology built in to give you an unparalleled hiking experience. No, that super tech doesn’t include that light-hiking we mentioned above, but a number of other features that are just as great. These are shoes outfitted with specially molded support, ensuring your foot stays safe and comfortable no matter how hard you go at it out there. And since you can never depend on the elements, you can look forward to some serious waterproofing, along with some hardcore Gore-Tex material that’ll show those trails you mean business.

Don’t leave home without them. Super old slogans aside, you’d really rather not be caught mid-hike without the footwear that’s going to help you do your best. The best brands in the outdoor footwear biz (we still say biz, so sorry) have made it possible for you to be ultra-prepared, whether you’re giving trail-running a try or just making your way out on a daily day hike. Step your shoe game up, literally, with our collection of light hiking shoes. They may not have black lights on them, but you can always add your own.