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About Liberty Skis:

Liberty Skis was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado in 2003. After winning $32,000 at a craps table in Las Vegas, Jim Satloff and Dan Chalfant took the money and made their first Liberty samples. From there, it’s history. They didn’t want to make just a set of skis. They wanted to make skis that would provide skiers with the best experience possible while also lasting. With their focus on non-traditional designs, Liberty Skis introduced bamboo into their skis in 2005 and have been confidently offering a three-year warranty program ever since.

With the Rockies in Liberty’s backyard, it’s no wonder Liberty Skis provides top-quality bamboo-made carving, touring and freestyle skis. Whether it’s got carbon fiber or poplar, Liberty also keeps the signature bamboo within the ski making them some of the most lightweight and flexible skis on the market. From the Helix line to the Origin line, and much more, men and women are sure to find their ideal ski here. Think of all those winter wonderlands you could be skiing in. Now grab those skis and get going.