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About Lezyne:

Founded in 2007, Lezyne sought to create high-quality bike accessories to help cyclists get where they wanted to go. Their products use quality materials and functional design to make them durable, intuitive to use, and cool looking.

Lezyne makes some stellar GPS computers for your bike. With several models to choose from, including a watch, you’ll find one that is perfect for you. They’re lightweight and pack a ton of useful features, like a backlit screen that is easy to read, so you’ll be able to see your text and call notifications on it, even at night. With a long battery life and the ability to recharge them via micro USB, you’ll be able to record all of your ride data with ease. You can also use it for navigation if you have a destination in mind, and since they are extremely weather resistant, you don’t have to worry if it gets some rain on it during a sudden shower.

In addition to helping you track your stats while you're cycling, Lezyne has a lot of useful accessories to help you before, during, or after your ride. There is a large selection of tire pumps, from small hand pumps for roadside use to sturdy floor pumps, meaning you’ll be able to get your tires to exactly the right PSI, regardless of where you are. Throw one of their multi-tools into their saddle mounted bag, and you can be prepared to fix almost anything on your bike while you’re out on the trail. Also, be sure to check out their bike lights. With bright LED bulbs and several modes, you’ll be visible at any time of day. At the end of your ride, simply unmount them from your bike and plug them in, and they’ll be recharged and ready for your next excursion.

Hop on your bike and get ready to ride anywhere and everywhere with accessories from Lezyne.