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About LEKI:

Because you're passionate about your adventures, so is LEKI. Consistently using the latest technologies, the folks at LEKI maintain a steadfast dedication to building the best quality products possible, a mission instilled within their brand for over half a century. Not content to blend in with their competitors, LEKI prides themselves at standing out and above the rest, providing a unique and distinct trekking pole that is sought out by casual hikers and professionals alike.

LEKI was born from its founder's disappointment in current skiing accessories - ski poles at the time were not up to snuff, and Karl Lenhart took his dissatisfaction to the next level, using his own manufacturing facilities to craft and build high-quality parts for ski poles. This all started in the late 1940s, with LEKI hitting great strides and milestones ever since. Today, LEKI is a consistent award winner, producing poles that are lighter, stronger and more comfortable than the competition. Not content to coast on the goodwill their name demands, this family-owned group continues to find success in supporting innovation by pushing for new and exciting technology that will keep their brand a step ahead.

Today, LEKI continues to build upon their reputation by making poles perfect for the skiing community, building a new line that works as an indispensable companion to anyone looking to take their trekking to the next level. With ergonomic grips that are as comfortable as they are innovative, along with top quality safety bindings, LEKI continues to make in-demand trekking, hiking, skiing, and walking poles that help to make anyone in love with the outdoors appreciate their adventure just a bit more. Staying passionate, the LEKI way.