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About Leatherman:

Your space is valuable, isn’t it? Think about it: You spent your hard-earned money to get a quality pack, and you bought a roomy one for a reason. Space is at a premium after all, and the abilities to be handy and have more room for your precious stuff shouldn’t be exclusive of each other. A top-notch multi tool is your best bet at continuing to be effective while you cram an awful lot of usefulness into a decidedly small space. That’s why Leatherman multi tools are the pro’s dream come true: Tackle whatever comes your way with one of the most dependable pieces of gear you can own, able to fit right in your pocket. Leave the toolbox at home and grab a Leatherman tool instead.

Because who knows what could happen out there. Not to fear-monger or whatever, but the Boy Scouts rattle on about always being prepared for good reason. What if you need to cut into something with a knife? Or use pliers to undo something you really shouldn’t have done but did anyway? Having reliable tools at the ready can really save the day, and have the best reliable tools is easier than you think.

There’s a reason that the Leatherman name holds the respect it does. Quality tools for those looking to do quality work, able to hit the road with you with ease. But you might be asking yourself: What does this have to do with being a leather man? Who’s to say, really.