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About Laptop Backpacks and Computer Bags:

The coolest part about having a backpack instead of just a laptop case is that you can carry more stuff than just your computer. In my laptop bag I can fit a 24 port ethernet switch with extra cables, a keyboard, a mouse, all of my necessary power supplies including two bottles of Mountain Dew. I’m basically a mobile LAN party, and you can be too.

The best laptop bags have padding on an extra sleeve designed to cushion and protect your tech. I like the sound of that, “Protect your tech”, I wonder if the Wu Tang Clan would be willing to help make it into a sweet track. Maybe I’ll start my own Moosejaw rap group and call it the Moo Tang Clan. What were we talking about? oh yeah, awesome laptop backpacks.

Seriously, the two most awesome inventions in the history of mankind are the backpack, which vastly increases the amount of stuff one can carry, and the laptop computer, which allows not only for advanced computational analysis, it can also go on the Facebooks and the Pin Interests or whatever the kids are into today. Hack the planet!

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