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About Lanterns:

Set the mood at your campsite with high-powered lanterns. Available in a variety of sizes, from mini to large camping lanterns, they are perfect for both solo and multi-person tents. Clips, hooks and clamps allow them to be easily hung and their ultralight weight won’t cause your shelter to sag or bend. And with the flip of a switch, you’ll be ready to party thanks to color changing lights and strobes. You can finally throw the portaledge party of your dreams with multi-colored camping lights.

Frosted covers and globes provide bright, ambient, glare-free light. Light up an entire room during power outages and emergency situations with a single lantern. You can even charge handheld electronics via built-in USB ports. These solar and rechargeable lanterns put the power in your hands. Control how bright or dim you want your surroundings to be with light level settings. Ultra-versatile lantern/flashlight combinations are perfect for nighttime walks and when you need to get that close shave in a camp bathroom.

Clever designs and innovative construction have allowed these lanterns to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Solar lanterns last for many hours upon a single charge from laying in the sun. Rechargeable batteries cut down on toxic waste and will hold their charge when you need it most. From backpacking to camping, emergency kits to night-lights, lanterns are incredibly practical and versatile. Light it up high-quality, durable camping lanterns and lamps.