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About Lace-Up Climbing Shoes for Men and Women:

Lace up climbing shoes are pretty awesome. They are the sort of shoes that elves would wear. I’m not sure if that adds to the magical nature of the shoes or takes away from the nature of elves… both are probably pretty magical actually. Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that elven folk probably wear these shoes or something like them in order to traverse their mountainous habitat. “ But Moosejaw internet wizard,” You say with a sneaky grin spreading across your face. “ What about wood elves?”

Everybody knows that the only reason wood elves were able to reach the forests was by climbing down the mountains; So of course their climb was aided by lace-up climbing shoes! These shoes are the best for getting a grip (on everything but reality, I am the worst person to ask about that.) They are also comfortable, durable, and above all reliable. You wouldn’t want to go up a mountain with shoes you weren’t sure you could count on.

Don’t feel like you are limited to wearing your climbing shoes only when you are conquering mountains though. They are stylish enough to show off on the weekends. Here’s a plan: Wear your climbing shoes out on the town and wait till a cutie asks you if you do a lot of rock climbing. Tell her that you have your own climbing wall back at your place and invite her over to see it. This is where it gets tricky because you might not have a climbing wall, you have to bring her back to your place or another impressively tall building if you live in a ranch-style home. When you get there you scale the outer wall without the aid of traditional rock climbing foot or handholds. She’ll be so impressed she will think you must be at least half-elf. Success.