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About La Sportiva Trailrunning Shoes:

We get it, you’re “competitive” and you “like to do your very best”. You’re known to shout things like “losing isn’t an option” and “anything but first place is a complete and utter disgrace.” Knowing how seriously you take your competition, it makes sense that you feel the need to train hard, compete hard, and wear footwear that’s able to meet your demands. The team at La Sportiva has built a collection of shoes able to stand up to the test and now, well - trailrunning never felt so good.

Seriously, we mean it – La Sportiva has built their trailrunning shoes to include a level of comfort that might be altogether new to you. Built to slip on with ease, this is athletic footwear that just so happens to fit like a sock. Ever own a sock that can crush it on a variety of terrain? Probably not, and there’s a good chance you’ve never stepped into athletic shoes that can provide such an optimal level of comfort while granting you increased traction and grip. Check out the Impact Breaking System outsole, not only helping give you that premium grip but amplified shock protection, helping to keep your runs safer and less strenuous.

Oh, and probably worth mentioning: These things are light. All the features in the world wouldn’t mean much to a trailrunning shoe if they weighed a ton, and the pros at La Sportiva have managed to pack these bad boys full of first-class features all while keeping them as light as possible. Refuse to settle for a boring, bland shoe – La Sportiva recognizes your drive to succeed, building their footwear to keep you out there, so you can go farther. Step into spring and make the backcountry your own. You have the perfect shoes for it.