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About La Sportiva Shoes:

A brand that’s committed to producing the best in performance footwear has a lot to live up to – athletes looking to step in to your handiwork demand results in action, and anything less than the best is a disappointment. La Sportiva gets it, okay? Their time spent manufacturing first-class athletic shoes has been marked by milestones of neat things like achievement, and pride. And what does that mean to you? You’re bound to have over eight decades of experience sitting at the sole of your foot, ready and willing to help you push to do your very best down the road ahead.

And whatever that road holds, you’ll be ready for it. Climbers are in good company – La Sportiva climbing shoes are built perfect for the climbing community, packed full of helpful features to ensure quality performance on your favorite rock side. We’re talking patented Vibram rubber technology in that outsole, giving you unparalleled grip and traction while you’re out there. A durable leather upper meets a synthetic lining on the inside to help fully control your level of stretch, giving you the resilience you demand.

While best known for their climbing footwear, La Sportiva makes shoes that can work into a multitude of different activities. Looking for hiking shoes to help tackle less than optimal conditions? Maybe planning to trudge through the arctic backcountry and wouldn’t mind some killer insulation to keep those toes warm? Not a problem – first-class boots and athletic shoes are more than prepared to help you navigate the wilderness. That trusty insulation stands alongside some mightily helpful waterproof material, meaning there’s no need to quit your puddle stomping anytime soon. Even if you’re eager to step out into this tremendous spring sunshine, you need a better shoe. So thanks, La Sportiva.