La Sportiva Mountaineering Boots

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About La Sportiva Mountaineering Boots:

Take a seat on the cutting edge. La Sportiva is rightfully known for a good number of things; building sub-par footwear ain’t one of them. When you’re off to trudge your way through the arctic backcountry, the last thing that you need is a second-rate pair of boots to get your through whatever comes your way. And that “whatever” could be a muddy terrain, uneven ground with tricky footing or deep snow from unexpected elements. No matter what it is, conquer it – with the help of La Sportiva mountaineering boots.

Feel confident that you can handle whatever elements you’re stepping into. La Sportiva builds their boots to be shockingly warm, so blistering winter temps will be no match for your killer footwear. That extra level of temperature protection wouldn’t do much good without top-notch waterproofing working alongside it, so the boots you see above refuse any and all precipitation. Inclement rainstorms and the snow-filled landscapes have nothing on you – stomp through them with ease, holding the knowledge that you’re not only be staying warm but incredibly dry.

No two adventures are built the same, so neither are any of La Sportiva’s mountaineering boots. In the search for something on the light side, providing a premium level of breathability while still working in some waterproof Gore-Tex? Maybe you need something a little more heavy-duty, built with a Vibram bottom to give you unprecedented grip on that trickier footing ahead? Your hiking and climbing will be perfectly complemented by a first-rate pair of adaptable boots, all thanks to your new best friends at La Sportiva.