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La Sportiva Women's Primer Low GTX Boot
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La Sportiva
Women's Primer Low GTX Boot

$104.99   $175.00
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La Sportiva Men's Core High GTX Boot

La Sportiva
Men's Core High GTX Boot

$129.99   $200.00
35% off
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La Sportiva Hiking Shoes

Whether you're attempting to climb Grass Mountain in Vermont or simply hike up the small hill in your back yard, La Sportiva hiking shoes are for those who are looking for ankle protection and a great way to help the environment. Let's face it, you'll have more awesome friends if you recycle and do your part to help out Mother Nature.

La Sportiva hiking shoes use IBS which stands for Impact Braking System, not the other kind of IBS you're thinking of. IBS takes the impact and pain in place of your knees, which is a sign of a true friend. The B5 Shoe takes the cake when it comes to hiking the easier routes by having a low top ankle but managing to keep the sticky XF rubber in the "climbing zone".

Let's get back to the environment, by checking out La Sportiva's hiking shoe, the FC ECO 4.0 GTX. As you probably guessed, the ECO stands for the ecological awareness this represents by using recycled materials for the uppers, sole, and inner sole. The FC ECO 4.0 GTX offers maximum ankle protection with a high top boot that offers maximum support if you're looking for

Take our word for it. Or don't. Either way, you should really take a look at our selection.