La Sportiva Hiking Boots

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About La Sportiva Hiking Boots:

Don’t wait ‘til mid-hike to be sure you’ve stepping into a pair of footwear that will be guaranteed to support you. Being in the midst of your adventure is a less than opportune time to decide you should’ve grabbed the right pair of boots, so why not put your trust in a brand that knows what it’s doing? La Sportiva has been producing and designing first-class outdoor footwear for the better part of a century, with their family-based operation thriving by staying true to tradition while involving the best and latest new technologies.

Be sure you have a good grip on things. La Sportiva uses ultra-capable Vibram outsoles, made for high-performance and capable of ensuring that traction is never an issue. From the outsole up, there is consistence in high-quality – midsoles are lightweight and soft, providing a tremendous level of comfort. Cap it off with tough-built uppers, with the majority leather bound, giving you the waterproofing that’s an absolute necessity in a strong hiking boot.

As always with La Sportiva, you have variety – no two journeys are the same, so expect a get into the pair that works best for you. Those preferring to rock some hiking footwear while doing a little adventure racing might feel more apt to don some light hiking boots, constructed lighter with a comparable level of kick-ass weather protection. This is how you make durable, reliable boots: Sticking to what’s made your brand great for decades, having an undeniable passion for the outdoors and imbuing every product you make with a piece of that passion.