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About La Sportiva Climbing Shoes:

La Sportiva may have begun by crafting wooden clogs for lumber-jacks and farmers in the 1920s, but it’s pretty safe to say that they have come a long way. Can’t figure out why wooden clogs ever went out of style? Well, neither can we, but it might have something to do with the greatness La Sportiva got into next. Being based out of Italy – which, of course, is the leader in producing things we all love to look at – they’ve built decidedly great looking products, and now they’ve delivered some real gems to utilize while climbing over things, such as rock walls, mountain sides, or people.

La Sportiva climbing shoes are designed and hand-crafted for the most demanding climbers, with Velcro lace up versions servings as a perfect fit for those who want a more aggressive climbing shoe, potentially one capable of holding on to small pockets, foot holds, and cracks. Oh, and great news for ladies – they’ve crafted women’s climbing shoes that may or may not be game changers in the industry, with incredibly durable outer rubber that provides a killer level of grip and dexterity.

If you are the type of person who would rather run others down than climb over them, the balance of precision, structure, and sensitivity of a shoe like the Mythos is going to strike your fancy. Built with a leather upper that works to stretch and mold to your food, selections like the Mythos use a stiff midsole to provide the best balance between sensitivity and friction for those who are looking for something positioned a little in the middle.

Wooden clogs just won't cut it anymore – thankfully, La Sportiva has built the best thing for your climb-time adventures.