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About Camping and Survival Knives:

Whether you're a casual camper or you like to go into full-on survivalist beast-mode, camping knives are the essential companion for your next outdoor adventure. Quality makes a huge difference when it comes to this typing of gear. After all, in an emergency, you don't want to find yourself wishing that you had bought that specialty tool.

From thick, heavy duty knives to utility pocket knives, this page's selection meets a wide range of needs, preferences and uses. Folders, one-handed openers, compact, locking mechanisms, pocked-clipped, fixed; no matter your style preference, we have that specific knife style for the taking. Durable carbon steel and corrosion-resistant stainless steel prevent blade chipping and breaking.

From chopping up ingredients for the perfect campfire omelet to emergency preparedness while out whitewater rafting, a high-quality knife is a must. These camping and outdoor knives cut through material as though they were butter. And, depending on your grip size, fit quite comfortably in your hand. Once you start carrying one in your pocket, you'll be surprised at just how often you reach for it.