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About Windproof Jackets for Kids

It turns out that making your kid windproof is even easier than a house, and requires fewer nails and less glue. Windproof jackets are great at resisting gusts and can enhance performance when running or cycling. On top of this, these kids' coats reduce air permeation which will keep them cozy and warm in transitioning seasons.

With vibrant colors, reversible options and secure hand pockets to hold snacks and crayons, your little ones will have no problem slipping on a windproof jacket before a playdate. Reflective detailing keeps them safe in low light while the nylon outer sheds light rain and blocks out harmful UV rays. When temps take a plunge in the evening, simply wear a sweatshirt underneath to increase warmth without decreasing weather protection.

On top of keeping out the chilly wind, these children's jackets are super lightweight making it easy to stash them in a backpack for those "just in case" moments. Wind-chill can quickly change the temps and conditions outside so it's important to bundle up your toddlers and infants. Essentially, windproof attire means that you don't have to attach an anchor to your kids every time they leave the house.

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