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About Kids' Shirts and Tees for Boys and Girls:

When I was a kid my brother and I would always insist on taking one anothers shirts. It became such an issue that eventually we just started having two of all of our favorite clothes. It lead to some interesting family photos, but it was much better than our original idea of wearing the same shirt at the same time, which caused unnecessary stretching and led to each of us having a different dominant hand.

These shirts are so durable, comfortable and awesome looking that you may have a hard time not wearing them yourself. Trust me though, kids shirts fit way better on kids, there’s a different section of the website with shirts that will look great on you.

The materials that go into making these shirts are advanced enough to pass a Turing test. OK, maybe the shirts aren’t completely sentient, but they are certainly capable of saying something. These shirts favorite things to say are: “Look how awesome the kid wearing me is!” and “This child should be your first pick for games at recess!”

Don’t let your kid be lame, get them some awesome shirts so everyone else can see how great they are at first glance.