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About Kids' Pants:

You should be pretty familiar with what you see here - after all, kids' pants are just like adult pants. Well, except for being smaller, and decidedly more important. Which begs an even bigger question: Why are kids' pants more important than adult pants? Because children are the future. Obviously.

From super warm kids' snow pants to lightweight shells that keep little legs protected from rain and wind, this page has a pair of pants for almost every occasion. Even party pants! If you consider youth ski and snowboard pants to be party pants, that is. The choices really are endless. Insulated, adjustable, waterproof, packable, and moisture-wicking are just some of the high-tech features found here. Each detail is well thought-through such as an elastic waist, safety reflective detailing, reinforced fabric areas, stretch fabric for freedom of motion, and even leg cuffs that can be extended as your child grows taller.

With some of the most popular and trustworthy brands on this page, you really can't go wrong with whatever pair or pairs of kids' pants that you (or they) choose. Be it insulated snow pants or a pair to quickly pull on after practice, they won't let you down with their durability, comfort and protection. Kids will not only be well-suited for outdoor adventure, they'll be able to have more fun on the playground than they ever thought possible while wearing these bad boys.