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About Winter Jackets for Boys and Girls:

It’s because children are generally smaller than adults that they freeze much faster, right? We don’t quite understand science or science-related things, but call this one a hunch – on top of the fact that it’s important to keep them in the right gear, ready and able to protect them from the elements. Whether your young ones are spending the day snowboarding in blustery winter weather or just headed off to wait for the school bus, they should be safe and warm, something a capable kids’ insulated jacket should be more than ready to handle.

Alright, great: A new insulated jacket is a given, but what kind of lining are you going to trust to those little ones? Tried and true and trusty as ever, down insulation gives you an incredibly light wear that is unbelievably warm in spite of lousy conditions. Is it possible it’ll lose its thermal preservation properties when wet? Sure, and that’s why a heaping helping of DWR – durable water repellent – works its way into not only your outer fabric but down insulation itself, it’ll work to keep things dry as possible regardless of unexpected rain or snow. Synthetic insulation is no joke either – inherently waterproof if maybe free of some of the additional loft afforded to your down variety, in either case, you’re in good hands to find an insulated jacket that’ll keep the kids warm and toasty.

Picture this: Your son or daughter is wearing an insulated jacket as they accept a congressional medal of honor for bravery in the battle of Hoth, where they didn't have to sleep in a hollowed out tauntaun because you had the foresight to provide them with a great coat that was comfortable and great at preserving heat, regardless of their time spent on an ice planet. You ought to be so proud.