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About Kids' and Toddler Gloves and Mittens:

Do they still let kids have snowball fights during recess? We sure hope so - it’s tradition after all, and a big part of that is getting those mitts in the thick of the ice and snow. So, if they do, then it’s pretty important that you equip your child with gear that will do its very best in protecting them on the playground. And no, we aren’t talking about some sort of radical snowball shield – though that’d be incredible - we’re more worried about keeping those fingers warm. The first-rate selections of winter gloves and mitts above? Perfect for snowball fights, and much, much more.

Thing is, mittens and gloves are essential when it comes to forming great snowballs, not to mention perfecting your ability to construct snow barriers, or snowmen to act as guards. We’re talking about young boys and girls here, even toddlers with those tiny little fingers - mini digits are awfully susceptible to the elements and when winter weather starts beating down, staying covered is an absolute necessity.

Expecting some warmth? Maybe some high-quality waterproofing? How about those two incredible qualities working side-by-side like some sort of incredible duo? The best gloves for kids are warm, waterproof, and visually appealing – exactly what you can expect from the selections above. Get the kids ready for anything, and you can even prepare the really little ones: Toddler gloves are in the mix as well. That means everyone can be protected, and even the 2-year-olds can get in on the snowball goodness.