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About Kids's Footwear

The best kids’ footwear has a lot of requirements: must be weatherproof, comfortable, easy to put on and take off, functional, durable, adjustable and supportive. From youth hiking boots to kids’ winter boots, little toes will stay protected no matter what they’re running through or jumping in. Fun prints, stylish designs and an array of colors are sure to satisfy any budding fashionista while dark neutrals help to camouflage the trouble that little adventurers get themselves into. Fun and functional, these kids’ waterproof boots and shoes are sure to satisfy the needs and wants of both parent and child.

Despite their small stature, kids’ footwear is no different than men’s and women’s shoes. Built with the same quality, performance and innovative technology, they will keep feet comfortable and cool year round. Dry membranes provide insane waterproofing and breathability. This prevents water and snow from leaking in while allowing heat and moisture to escape which stops blisters and swamp feet. Mesh and ventilation panels assist in the prevention of sweaty buildup. Anti-microbial materials inhibit odor-causing bacteria so you don’t have to deal with stinky kids’ shoes. Durable, vulcanized rubber soles deliver insane grip and traction for scrambling over icy, slippery surfaces and climbing on wet equipment.

These kids’ waterproof boots make your life easier thanks to easy on and off. Velcro, quick-lace, slip-on and lace-up designs deliver maximum adjustability. Even waterproof hiking boots fit like a sneaker thanks to these versatile lacing systems. Reflective features keep children safe and visible in low light so they can play for that much longer. Lightweight and flexible, this kids’ footwear won’t drag little legs down. They’ll be able to put their best foot forward with each and every step.