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About Kids' Fleece Jackets

Kids, man. If you have some – and let’s face it, you’re here, aren’t you – it goes without saying that they’re a bit of a handful. Always needing stuff! Constantly growing out of what you buy for them! It’s sort-of your job to make sure they’re properly outfitted for the world outside, and what’s better for that than some extra versatile kids’ fleece jackets? The correct answer is: Not much, Moosejaw.

That’s because they’re pretty much great for whatever the little ones might be getting into. Spring is springing and we’re not yet in the midst of consistent warm weather? Maybe it’s a little chilly at the apple orchard in the fall? Or maybe they just need a nice layer for around the house in the middle of winter. What makes a kids’ fleece so practical is the fact that they’re a perfect fit for any of the above – never too heavy for when things heat up, staying nice and breathable with a comfortable fit and feel. Never mind the fact that the young’uns are going to be looking extra great in these things, but isn’t it nice that fashion and function can come together for the kids? Of course it is.

And they may be low in age, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t high on rocking the best brands. Yeah, the best - all-time favs like The North Face, Patagonia, and Marmot have their best selections shrunk down to kids size, meaning everyone from toddlers to the hip boys and fashionista girls have tricked out fleece to rock on the playground.

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