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About Kids' Down Jackets:

We get it, as a parent you have a lot of responsibilities and worries when it comes to your children. We have good news for you, though! Supplying them with a down insulated jacket this winter will give you one less thing to worry about. Coats with down insulation are some of the best on the market because of their ultralight weight, durability and compressibility. Down's warmth-to-weight ratio is highly superior and few synthetic materials can match it. This is because its structure is made up of clusters that create "loft" that traps air, but remains breathable and gets rid of unwanted moisture vapor. With proper care down insulation can last for decades, unlike manmade materials.

Whether the kids are walking to school in cold, wet weather or frolicking out on the snowy playground, these boys, girls and toddler jackets are sure to be worn day in and day out for all activities and pursuits. The windproof, waterproof exteriors create a warm buffer against harsh winter winds, and they can be packed down easily into a backpack should the weather warm up during the day. One of the best features of these coats and parkas is the fact that your littles one will stay warm and dry without a ton of bulky layering underneath. Additionally, the insulation is extremely flexible allowing them to play and move around with ease.

Kids' down jackets can be used all winter long. Hiking, skiing and snowboarding are just a few of the winter sports that uses them. Running late to school because your little one refuses to wear a sweater with her favorite t-shirt? All she needs to do is throw on her down coat and she is good to go. She will look cute, but more importantly, she will stay warm and comfortable. Great features standing alongside great looks, giving the kiddies a coat to be excited about. And how often do you find kids excited about anything? Oh, right. They get excited a lot. But they'll be more amped than ever before when it comes to that next ski trip or family hike - and that's something you can get excited about.