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About Kids' and Toddler Boots for Rain and Snow:

Growing up, my siblings and I only had one pair of boots between the four of us, and we had to walk to school every day. It was 10 miles and, because of a geological anomaly, uphill both ways. When we got to school we would be ridiculed by the other kids who had their own boots in a variety of cool colors and styles. It was on a Thursday in third grade that I vowed someday I would work at a mountaineering company and use the power of the internet to tell people how important it is to get your kids a awesome pair of boots. Not just because boots make socializing easier, but they also keep your toes warm and comfy while protecting your feet from the elements. The best boots for kids are durable, cozy and tough enough to take the kind of punishment only a child can dish out.

Now that I have fulfilled my childhood goal of spreading the word about the importance of good boots I can concentrate fulfilling the promise I made to myself in second grade that someday I would become a cyborg and have a robotic tail.