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Patagonia Boys' Wavefarer Boardshort
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Boys' Wavefarer Boardshort

$28.99   $49.00
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Patagonia Boys' Wavefarer Short

Boys' Wavefarer Short

$19.99   $49.00
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About Boardshorts for Kids and Toddlers:

Everybody knows that boardshorts are the coolest piece of swimwear available. And when you are young, having an awesome pair of shorts is directly correlated to how pleasant you are going to be on vacation. OK, maybe I was just being a brat, but it’s hard being a kid when everyone else keeps asking why you are wearing the exact swimsuit that Dick Van Dyke wore in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

A great pair of boardshorts, which is all we sell, has eye-catching colors and is fast drying in addition to being comfortable. Girls and boys alike will enjoy hitting the water in any of these puppies and parents will have an easier time keeping an eye on the children because its easy, you just have to look for the coolest kids on the beach.