Kids Climbing Harnesses

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About Kids' Climbing Harnesses:

Kids' climbing harnesses are a must for young climbers and for parents who want their little ones to get used to hanging. Full body, chest and waist harnesses are offered above by some of the best brands in the climbing business such as Black Diamond and Petzl. You will have confidence that your kids are safe and secure no matter where they climb.

The best kids climbing harnesses are intuitive for a quick and easy on and off. Features such as tangle-free tape loops, padded leg loops and a rigid form not only offer smooth and simple fittings, but will also keep toddlers and kids upright without any flipping. Fully adjustable rock climbing harnesses last for years as they will grow with the kids, or if they have friends over and they want to try out the zipline or wall.

It's pretty obvious that children have different anatomy than adults - narrow hips, smaller bones, heavier top-half. So start 'em young with a kid's climbing harness. They will stay safe and sound while easing into the exciting world of climbing.