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About Bike Trailers for Kids:

Kids’ trailers are the perfect solution for when your children are too young for training wheels. You can keep the whole family together and outside with a simple hitch and tow arm. Do you have more than one little one? Many child cargo trailers provide dual seating so no one gets left behind. These are best for children aged 1-6 years old and with a weight range limit from 85 up to 125 pounds. It’s important that you don’t exceed this limit as not only can this compromise the overall trailer structure but it can also be a danger for you, the rider. Check the manufacturer’s instruction panel for specific weight limits.

Another safety rule that is important to follow is using a safety flag with your child’s bike trailer. This is so they remain visible to other bike riders and vehicular drivers. Given that the trailers are so low to the ground, it’s easy to lose sight of them. These bike carriers have belts to strap your children in and keep them secure even on uneven trails. Zippered compartments, usually made from mesh and/or waterproof nylon, protect them from the sun, rain, and any debris kicked up during the ride. Many trailers even offer UV proofing to filter the sun’s rays and reduce any damage to delicate skin.

If you live a very active life then a two-in-one kids’ bike trailer is the perfect solution for you. Not only is it a hitch-mounted trailer for children to sit back and enjoy the ride, but it has the ability to turn into a stroller. When you feel like walking or running, simply attach the front wheel to the trailer and it transforms into an easy to push kids’ stroller. Parking brakes and reflective materials ensure proper safety whether you’re pushing or pedaling.