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About Child Carriers for Hiking and Backpacking:

Just as I sat down to write this someone walked into the office with an infant in a car seat. She had to lug her baby up some stairs before setting the seat down to greet someone and then she had to pick the seat back up again. The whole process seemed unnecessarily tedious considering that there are so many more ergonomic and and awesome ways to carry a baby.

Kid carriers make it possible to show your children the beauty and wonder of nature without putting undue stress on a child or your back. The same technology that goes into making a great backpack can be used to distribute the weight of a youngling evenly so you can take your baby anywhere you want, except a bar, don’t take a baby to a bar, they can’t hold their booze at all.

Child carriers also have neat features like loops for toys, attached changing tables and sun hoods. Your baby will be all like “Thank you parental unit for providing so well for every need that could possibly arise in the rearing process, also, please stop letting people talk to me like I’m an idiot.”