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Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag
  • BLUE

Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag

$149.95 - $169.95
Kelty Cosmic 40 Sleeping Bag
  • GREY

Cosmic 40 Sleeping Bag

$119.95 - $129.95
Kelty Cosmic 0 Sleeping Bag
  • RED

Cosmic 0 Sleeping Bag

$219.95 - $239.95
Kelty Folding Cooler
  • GREY

Folding Cooler

$54.95 - $79.95
Kelty Sine 35 Sleeping Bag
  • GREY

Sine 35 Sleeping Bag

$239.95 - $259.95
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About Kelty:

They Kelty Pack was born in 1952. Incidentally, so was my mom. Or is that 1958. Whatever. Anyway, that was way back with Dick Kelty made his packs by hand. Just over a decade later, Kelty Packs were ascending the West Ridge of Mt. Everest. Not by themselves, people were carrying them.

Nowadays Kelty makes all kinds of gear for everyone from the first time camper to the experienced backpacker. They've expanded their line of packs like woah, so you can pick up Kelty daypacks like the Redstart and Redtail Packs up to expedition size packs like the Kelty Red Cloud 5600 Pack.

For week-long backpacking adventures, check out the Kelty Red Cloud 90 Pack or the Kelty Coyote 80 Pack for men, or the Red Cloud 80 and Kelty Coyote 75 for women. These packs have capacities over 4500 cubic inches. I guess that lets you carry lots of stuff, which is good because Kelty Pack makes other stuff to carry.

By other stuff, I mainly mean tents, sleeping bags, and camping accessories like lanterns and stuff sacks. I tried to keep popsicles in my Kelty Lakota 65 once. I think you can guess how that turned out. Anyway, Kelty makes backpacking tents, like the Kelty Gunnison 1.1 Tent, and family camping tents like Kelty Parthenon 8 Tent and Kelty Buttress 6 Tent. Check out Kelty shelters like the Shadehouse, too, to spruce up your campsite.

Kelty's got sleeping bags, too. You've got your choice of down or synthetic fill, and cold weather bags for down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (I had to google how to spell Fahrenheit), and warmer weather bags rated to 40 degrees.

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