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About Keen Footwear:

Keen footwear reimagined the outdoors. Sounds pretty epic, right? Part of this has to do with treating the outdoors crowd like the community it is, inviting everyone out on the journey with you. That might sound like a lot of people, but don’t worry about that: Just know that this isn’t just a premium brand of footwear made to take you on an adventure, but to ride alongside while you explore the most important parts of life.

Besides producing versatile hiking boots that perform considerably well in and out of the wild, Keen footwear also stands for a new kind of business model: This means being as responsible as they are profitable, committed to doing good with the resources they’ve built. There’s a belief that supporting a good cause is an obligation of financial success, and respecting the environment is simply a matter of conscience. After all, this is the type of behavior their customers are well attuned to; it’s only natural that the brand itself would view their charitable commitment in the same way. Above all, there’s an easy way to sum it up: Keen stands for turning ideas into actions.

The KEEN Foundation was created with this in mind. Partnering with some of the biggest and best environmental, conservation and social organizations, particularly those interested in connecting people with the outdoors. Partners of the KEEN Foundation believe in tackling problems at the roots, well aware that this is how long term changes are made. A huge matter of attention is being mindful of the lasting difference that a pair of forward-thinking Keen shoes can make - these are folks that have the opportunity to do things differently, and that means handling business a bit more responsibly. Investing in the Keen community and taking care of the environment by lessening the collective footprint on the planet. Small changes, sure, but ones that can make the biggest difference.

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