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About Keen Shoes:

Your adventures outdoors are often unpredictable, so why are you rocking traditional footwear? A little logic would suggest something along the lines of this: You’re going to need shoes that not only keep up with you, but excel with you, able to not only withstand but surpass obstacles that inevitably come your way. Keen was born thanks to demand for revolution in the world of sandals, and their wild success there has brought about a line of shoes that presents the same kind of welcome athletic wear rebellion. Shoes built for anything down the road, primed and ready for it all.

Keep it casual or take it to the next level. Keen shoes are constructed to withstand the rigors of the outdoor world, employing a wealth of inspired tech to keep you comfortable and protected through those spirited day hikes or endless, rambling treks. Look to waterproof nubuck leather to start things off, material refusing to be susceptible to inclement weather. Keen’s patented KEEN.DRY technology presents a waterproof membrane that is not only decidedly comfortable but breathable as well, giving you the satisfaction of an impermeable base on which to do your trudging. You like to trudge, right? That’s a big part of hanging out in the backcountry - trudging.

But it’s not all footwear built to defy the potential harsh conditions you’ll face. Keen’s penchant for producing fashionable footwear bleeds into boots and shoes distinctly more focused on style and flair, all the while still holding things like breathability and comfort at the forefront. Keen’s desire to drive their innovative designs through a stunning passion for the outdoors is ever-present, regardless of pair you step into.