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About Keen Sandals:

These ain’t your daddy’s sandals. I mean, that should be obvious – the one’s you’d be purchasing are brand new, we don’t deal in second-hand goods here at Moosejaw. But let’s suppose we aren’t speaking literally and what we’re getting at is this: They don’t make ‘em like they used to, and that’s a really good thing. Keen wasn’t all about being content dealing in the status quo, with traditional sandal design lacking the necessary features to keep up with the modern active go-getter. Step into the future with Keen, and experience what all the kids are talking about.

And they’re talking about them because they’re all sorts of great. Getting yourself into some open-air footwear shouldn’t mean you have a pair of unreliable sandals on your feet. Sandals are known for letting those feet breath a bit, sure, but it’s usually at a cost – feet become susceptible to injury, and you have better not get into any pick-up soccer games. That’s one way Keen has improved things, with their trademark toe protection leading the charge. That outersole is non-marking rubber, you guys, and it means business, providing an excellent level of traction – something that might be altogether new to traditional sandal wearers.

Look forward to EVA molded footbeds, providing unparalleled comfort while you’re getting into all sorts of different trouble out there – trouble, that might include all-day beaching and water-play thanks to hydrophobic lining, or your favorite trail, what with their propensity to laugh in the face of dirt and other grimy elements.

Looking for a more traditional kind of fit and look? Those are in the mix, too. Keen hasn’t turned their backs on the classic, just given you a welcome sort of variety and choice. Feel free to step out there and do it all with some first-class footwear from Keen.