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About Keen Shoes and Sandals on Sale:

Having the very best in outdoor-ready footwear is great and all, but you know what isn’t? The fact that you aren’t exactly overflowing with extra cash. It’s very likely there’s no trust fund waiting for you – right? We suppose that could be the case, but chances are you don’t have an overflowing bank account and cash falling out of your pockets. Time to make a decision on what is most important to you, and perhaps a new pair of Keen shoes fits that bill? Or maybe some brand new Keen sandals? Or maybe even an incredible pair of Keen boots, ready to stomp through the trails in that singing, spring weather?

Deciding doesn’t need to be that hard. Here at Moosejaw, we understand that you need as much Keen footwear as physically possible, and we’ve done just the thing to ensure you’re able to get yourself into some Keen, and do it on the cheap. This is a Keen sale ladies and gentlemen, and you have the opportunity to fill your closet with generous amounts of active footwear until it can’t fit anymore. We’re talking that same premium Keen boots and shoes you’ve come to know and love, just at a price that’s a little more reasonable. But don’t assume that you won’t be getting the comfortable, traditional styles you’re used to. Awesome prices help make everything better, including comfort levels. Trust us, it’s science.

Time to build that Keen annex shed - or buy one, there’s a sale on those too. We’re ready to help you get you all the low-priced goodness you can handle, be it kickass kicks for the adults, or our plentiful Keen kids collection. Seriously, think of all the money you’ll save! Maybe now you can be overflowing with cash, you can start that trust fund, and you can have it all. Except our ‘Lethal Weapon’ DVD gift set. That’s off limits and you know that.