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About Keen Boots:

Reinvent the sandal, totally rethink the boot. That’s how things went down at Keen – not content in building a sandal experience that completely brings new life to the traditional sandal, they took their inventive prowess and bestowed it upon a variety of boots, building better outdoor footwear for those who like their innovation with a side of style.

Whatever you’re up to, get yourself covered right. Keen understands there’s plenty out there to keep you busy, so there’s a wide variety of boots up for grabs that’ll perfectly complement your adventures. Ready to get into some serious day hiking? A pair of the popular Targhee II boots can be a traveler’s best friend, blending the best in waterproof features with a welcome degree of traction control. Because nothing would be worse than losing your footing after soaking your foot in that larger-than-ever-could-be-expected puddle down your path.

Maybe you’re a little less worried about maximum performance and have supreme levels of style in mind. Ladies will love the Bern Baby Bern boot, tall and stylish in a way that happily complements your casual getup. But don’t think that a little extra fashion comes at the cost of functionality – you’re still stepping into a wealth of breathability and comfort, fashion week style.

Backpackers, be delighted: These are the boots you’re looking for. Keen wants you to feel secure and look great while you move your way through the alpine wonderland.