Kayaking Helmets

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About Kayaking Helmets:

Kayaking helmets are an easy way to protect yourself on the water. Sure, paddling down a river isn’t too risky, but when you hit rocky rapids or you plan on traversing whitewater, that’s when you should ensure that you follow proper safety protocol. Lightweight and easy to wear, you’ll have no problems with strapping one and slipping right into the cockpit. You’ll have total comfort and security no matter where your paddle takes you.

Made from ABS plastic shells, these kayak helmets are insanely durable and provide outstanding impact resistance. EVA foam provides high-quality comfort and top-notch shock absorption. Sweat and heat are no match for the ventilation ports that supply exceptional breathability. Whether you have a big, ole noggin or a smaller shaped head, these water sports helmets are available in a variety of sizes. It’s easy to customize your fit thanks to the BOA dial fit system and adjustable harness. Stay safe, healthy and comfortable.