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About Kayak Paddles:

You might think that kayak paddles don’t have a ton of thought behind their designs. However, in this day and age, paddles and oars are as sophisticated and innovative as ever. This results in a much smoother ride and easier grip. Whether you’re a novice or an expert kayaker, Moosejaw makes it easy to choose the best option for you. We carry a variety of paddles from popular brands like Werner, Bending Branches and Aquabound to ensure that you have the very best at your fingertips.

There are a number of factors that go into deciding what kind of kayak paddle is the best fit. First and foremost, the type of kayaking you plan on doing determines the type of paddle. Recreational kayaking and fishing tend to have the cheapest paddles but are also usually the cheapest. Touring demands a paddle that is durable, lightweight and ergonomic for long days of paddling across a body of water. Performance kayaking requires equipment that is fast, ultra lightweight and durable to give you extra power and speed. Whitewater kayaking needs the strongest, most durable paddles as a result of strong currents and sharp rocks.

The width of your kayak and your height will determine the length of your paddle. As a general rule, the wider the kayak, the longer the paddle so you don’t hit your knuckles raw on the sides while you paddle. If you’re on the taller side then you’ll need a longer paddle because you will sit higher in the cockpit. Sit-on-top and recreational kayak paddles are usually on the longer side to make it easier to reach from side to side and propel yourself forward.

Last but not least, the materials and design of a kayak paddle play an important role in comfort and performance. Carbon fiber ensures the paddle is completely ruse and weather resistant but it does tend to run on the more expensive side. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper then check out the aluminum options as these are often the most portable and are great for fishing and recreational kayaking. Fiberglass blends are also affordable for those on a budget but then to not be as strong so they’re not recommended for whitewater or expert kayakers. Finding the best paddle for your unique preferences is almost as important as finding the right kayak. Thanks to Moosejaw’s selection of some of the most popular kayak paddles available, it’s easy to ensure that you will have a comfortable ride all day long.