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About Kayak Accessories:

So you buy yourself a fancy new kayak, you’ve got the drive and ambition to get out to the water and have possibly the best time ever, and well, that’s about it, right? Nothing else to worry about, yeah?

You don’t know how wrong you are. Sorry to be so mean about it, but it’s just not that simple. Being prepared and having everything in order means arming yourself with the best in some quality kayak accessories, a little fact we learned long ago here at Moosejaw HQ. Let our mistake be your opportunity, and grab the best in kayak gear available today.

See, it happened to us. Eager to get to paddling, we paid no heed to the type of gear that would make our waterborne adventures a success. We got to the water and realized – no good place for our gear, gear that could potentially be damaged by the fickle water below us. In this instance a waterproof duffel would’ve proved invaluable, able to store our belongings with no worry over water damage. Another missed thought – what do you do with your kayak when you aren’t using it? Sure, launching it into a dirt pile in your backyard might be the “free” choice, but it’s far from elegant. Free standing racks do a great job allowing you to display your new ride, with plenty of other storage and display devices making it possible to keep transporting your kayak as easy as possible.

Outfit your ride with the best you can get. A lot can go down out there, so your best bet is allowing yourself to be your most prepared – the gear we’ve assembled above can go a long way towards making that happen. Treat that fancy new kayak right with our kayak accessories. Please.