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About K2:

Even after over 50 years in the winter sports business, K2 is still crafting great ski and snowboard gear. The pioneers of using fiberglass to make skis lighter and stronger, they remain innovators in the field, developing many technologies that continue to push these sports forward.

Offering a variety of skis and ski boots, K2 will have you shredding the slopes of your favorite mountain with skill and style. Their Pinnacle series of boots and skis feature a ton of tech designed to keep you comfortable and in control. With a heat-moldable foam liner and increased flex at the hinge points, the boots are super comfortable, both on and off your skis. The proprietary Powerfuse Spyne adds support and strength, all the while adding stiffness for more responsiveness on all types of terrain. The skis are perfect for backcountry skiing: the Konic Tech with Nanolite combines an ultra lightweight core and stiffer materials along the edge, giving you a freeride ski that handles well and is responsive, even in deep snow.

K2 isn’t just for skiers though. They make some excellent snowboard boots, such as the Maysis, that feature the BOA® system to help tighten the shell of the boot as well as the Conda™ System that ensures your heel won’t lift while you’re turning. It can be quickly adjusted on the outside of the boot, no tools necessary. All of this means that you’ll be able to dial in the fit of the boot precisely to your liking, providing more comfort during that all day shred session, especially when combined with the durable Vibram® outsoles. Oh, and if you’re looking for a board or some bindings to use those boots with, K2 makes those as well.

K2 makes awesome equipment for skiers and snowboarders alike. No matter the terrain, we’re sure their gear will help you enjoy the ride even more.