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About Jetboil:

Just because you’re out there roughing it doesn’t mean your appetite has to suffer. Outdoor cooking has never been an elegant science, and it’s that struggle in particular that inspired the team at Jetboil to build a better on-the-go food making experience. Backpacking shouldn’t preclude a warm, fresh-cooked meal and being able to bring that luxury on the trail with you shouldn’t have to weigh you down, either. Jetboil helps lead the backpacking stove industry by consistently producing innovative designs, providing a solution for everyone from the casual traveler to the experienced veteran.

Formed in 2001, Jetboil came together as a result of some serious camping-eating frustrations. The company’s founders, Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst, were increasing disappointed with the clunky, heavy options available for those looking to do some cooking at their campsites. Some apt engineering prowess, along with a real, tangible love for the outdoors, led to the founders’ breakthrough in finding a more efficient way to transfer heat. This innovation was the catalyst the company used to spur their trajectory sky-high, building Jetboil on the backs of a line of products that are reliable and notable, trusty and beloved.

While fast, efficient and quality cooking is what they’re known for, over a decade of perfecting the outdoor cooking experience has increased the breadth of the Jetboil line quite a bit. Between complete utensil sets and coffee systems, to providing their own optimal fuel solutions, Jetboil’s quest to become your complete campsite solution is well underway. Hot, boiling water in under two minutes, making it possible to craft a myriad of different meal solutions? Jetboil helps make your home away from home cozier than ever before.