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About Janji:

Janji translates to Promise in Malay. The promise is to expand access to safe drinking water to the 2.1 billion people who lack access to clean water globally. How do they do this? By giving 2% of proceeds from every Janji purchase to support clean water projects. With 80% of global water supplies at risk, Janji strives to impact countries such as Peru, Nepal, Uganda, Bolivia, Mexico, and Cambodia. Want to help out more? Join the Janji Collective, a membership program where 100% of the membership fee supports clean water programs.

On top of a keen focus on sustainability and water conservation, Janji still makes some of the most advanced running clothes out there. Every material they use is designed to make running a more enjoyable experience. Their AFO (AirFlatOut) material is a great example where they use ultra-light, fast drying recycled polyester to make super light, stretchy fabrics. Swift Tech is another material used in their clothing where they take a polyester-merino blend to wick moisture away as well as add thermoregulating properties for your most active endeavors. Even with such advanced technology, Janji uses only Bluesign and/ or OEKO-TEX certified fabrics in their apparel. Whether it be recycled polyester, Supima cotton, recycled nylon, or natural fibers, Janji looks to reduce their water usage and environmental impact in the creation of their products.