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About our Icebreaker Sale:

Here at Moosejaw Labs, we recently did a study, discovering some jaw-dropping information. Nobody likes paying full price. That's why it’s so trendy to buy dented cans! Oh, that’s not a trend? Maybe we’re just better at discerning some bits of information over others, but the most important thing we figured out is this: We’ve got an honest-to-goodness Icebreaker sale going on, and we couldn’t be more excited. That sweet, sweet Icebreaker active apparel you know and love, just at incredible discount prices.

This a coupon-free, full-on clearance-level event, and we’re ready to present all the Icebreaker swag you’ve come to know and love. Mad at us for saying “swag” just there? We’re too busy to apologize – after all, we’re in the middle of throwing up some outstanding pieces of activewear, ready for the taking at prices that won’t break the bank. And like we just said, it’s all your favorites. So baselayer tops that are perfect for that early morning run? Got ‘em. Crew shirts that are great for casual or workout wear? They’re up there.

And who knows, maybe you’re find some new favorites while you’re in the midst of this awesome sale situation. Awesome women’s zip-up soft shells and men’s hoodies, and don’t forget about great prices on boxer briefs, because you know you‘ve been meaning to give those things a try. And if you’re planning on doing that you may as well do it with a brand that’s known for taking forward-thinking fabrics and making apparel that’s as comfortable as it is performance ready.