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About Icebreaker Jackets and Coats:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news/ I hate to break it to you, but it may be time to retire that old coat. Yes, the puffy one with the tears down the side, broken zipper, ripped hood, faded color and questionable orange stain that you’ve had since Furbies were popular the first time around/ cassette tapes. Yep. It’s definitely time. To make it a little easier for you, let’s talk Icebreaker jackets. Founded by New Zealander, Jeremy, Icebreaker has developed the greatest outdoor apparel ever thanks to their use of merino wool. Once you try one of these Icebreaker coats, you’ll forget all about your dinosaur/stone age coat, questionable yellow stain and all.

With a tailored, structured fit and merino wool construction, Icebreaker coats and jackets are where the party is at. Whether you just want to look good or brave the elements, Icebreaker jackets are designed to stand up to even the craziest and harshest conditions so that you don’t have to do it alone. These jackets and coats are developed by experts have the perfect intermingling of comfiness and efficiency. It’s like comfort and functionality had a baby, we would get Icebreaker jackets. Icebreaker jackets are designed with the latest technology and high quality materials to keep you comfy cozy all day, every day. The durability that results from this means that you get to do all kinds of activities without being tied down by a clingy, cruddy coat.

Ice breaker jackets are every athlete’s dream come true considering that they cater to anyone who leads an active lifestyle and/or loves to do activities. They are accommodating to your every move and have no interest in slowing you down. Whether you are going on a run through the park on a crisp day or are just in the mood to be embraced by a soft, sheep-like jacket, these merino winter jackets are great for so many activities. Not to mention I have a feeling that one of these jackets would look really good with your great hair.

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