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Icebreaker Skirts + Dresses

Of course. Summer wedding. Why wouldn't it take place on the hottest day of the summer in 32 years? But if you can get away with wearing an Icebreaker skirt or an Icebreaker dress, you can throw all those thoughts of fanning yourself with your purse, sweat stains, and fainting into the aisle from heatstroke during the bridal march out the window.

With fits and styles versatile enough to be classy or casual, Icebreaker skirts and dresses are perfect for just about any occasion, dressy and casual. You'll get an astounding amount of heat and odor resistance, as well as enough comfort that will make you consider using your Icebreaker dress as a nightgown, too.

Another perfect situation for these Icebreaker dresses is travel. If you're strolling down the streets of Rome with gelato or need to look good at the arrivals terminal, nothing will be a better choice to keep you comfy but cute on that 14-hour flight than a dress by Icebreaker.