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About Icebreaker Clothing:

Icebreaker has become the global provider of some of the most innovative casual and athletic apparel around. Nature is their inspiration and material source when it comes to designing their sustainable outdoor clothing. Their dedication to developing active gear with a simple comfort and style that’s inspired by nature is what makes Icebreaker an unmatched competitor in the market. With their passion for sustainable and ethical business practices, Icebreaker clothing is unstoppable.

All of Icebreaker’s apparel and accessories are crafted with the amazing merino wool. Found in the mountains of New Zealand on the backs of merino sheep, this material keeps them warm in freezing winters and blistering summers. T-shirts, base layers and pants (plus many other types of clothing) made from this miraculous fiber help you regulate your body temperature no matter the weather conditions. Superior breathability and moisture wicking keep you comfortable from city streets to backcountry trails.

Icebreaker active gear is designed with ingenious technology such as Corespun, MerinoLOFT and BodyFitZONE. On top of temperature regulation and breathability, these technologies block odor, provide frictionless, soft comfort against skin, enhances muscular performance and recovery, and super light insulation. Whether you are doing some winter hiking in the trails or stepping onto your mat for a hot yoga session, Icebreaker’s clothing will do the trick. The possibilities are endless with their tops, bottoms, base layers and accessories.