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About Ice Traction:

Get a grip with some solid ice traction devices for boots and shoes. You can never take too many precautions when the winter weather brings snow and ice. Sometimes aggressive treads and rubber soles just aren’t enough. Ice traction devices give you that extra support so you stay surefooted even on hard-packed snow and slippery hills. Whether you need something lightweight and low profile for icy pavements or vigorous metal spikes for ungroomed mountain terrain, you can find it here at Moosejaw.

Snow and ice traction devices are available in slip-on harnesses as well as cleats with adjustable straps. Stretchy rubber provides a secure connection to your shoes or boots. This durable rubber can withstand heavy use and abuse, and handle temperatures below 0F. Its insane flexibility is great for packability and allows the harness to move with you making it easy to move in. Strategically placed chains provide a firm and stable grip on every surface. Plus, rust-resistant hardware is self-cleaning to prevent the buildup of snow and ice.

Easy to put on and walk in, these ice traction devices won’t affect your gait. They provide agile traction when you need it most and can transition seamlessly from outdoors to indoors thanks to simple harnesses and and hook and loop straps. From winter running to city walking and even rugged mountaineering and climbing, these spiked and studded models provide stable grip in all conditions. Equip yourself in the best snow and ice traction possible.