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About Ice Axes and Tools:

Whether you're an early season hiker or a glacier mountaineer, you need the best ice axes and tools available to keep you safely moving forward. Thankfully, this page offers some of the ice climbing tools on the market from some of the top names. Comfortable to carry and easy to use are just a couple of the many ways to describe these primo axes and tools.

We know when you're out there ice climbing it helps to have equipment that is just as extreme as you are. That means buying ice tools produced from superior steel materials, ones that can hold up in the most of temperatures and conditions. These are axes, man! Of course you want them to be fierce and unstoppable, just the thing you need when you're pushing yourself to your limits.

But it's not all ice axes up here! Those things are great and all, but odds are if you're an ice climbing enthusiast - and being an enthusiast about things is great - you're likely looking to beef up your gear before your next adventure. That's why along with your traditional ice ax you'll find the adze above, which we're still trying to figure out how to pronounce. An inspired shape for your less-than-traditional encounters, don't forget the important of pure blunt force - these climbing hammers are able to bring some raw power to your outfit.