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About Hydration Bags, Packs and Vests:

Hydration packs are essential when it comes to surviving in the outdoors. Whether you’re a music festival fanatic or a backcountry trails explorer, it’s imperative that you keep yourself hydrated. Putting water in your body is important. Keep your aqua right where you can access it with a wealth of ease from your hydration backpack, allowing you to get some serious hydration going on without taking hands away from whatever it is you're up to out there.

Moosejaw carries a wide variety of hydration packs and vests. Designed and manufactured by some of the most trusted names in the business such as Camelbak and Osprey, you can rest-assured that you’ll always be prepared no matter where you end up. It is important to note that these backpacks and packs are at least hydration compatible. This means that the backpack may not come with a hydration reservoir or hydration bladder, but they're made to support your drinking needs.

Are you only planning on hiking for a few hours? Check out hydration packs between 3-20 liters and hydration vests. These can carry the water you need without a ton of extra bulk and weight. If trekking and thru-hiking is your game then you’ll need something with a lot of room both for the reservoir itself and your other essentials and belongings. Check out backpacks between 20-40 liters. Not only can they carry bladders that will keep you hydrated for long distances, but they also offer a ton of storage and organization for everything else you need to bring with you for a safe and great time outdoors.

Women’s-specific hydration packs are made to fit the female form. And no, it does not mean that it’s a “pink it and shrink it” style. This typically means a wider waist with a shorter torso and more room and adjustment in the chest area to meet your specific body measurements. Kids’ hydration packs are a great alternative to stuffing your own backpack with extra bottles for the little ones. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or you simply need a backpack that gives you the option to add a reservoir, these hydration packs are made to fit your lifestyle and needs.