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About Hults Bruk Axes and Hatchets:

We’re going to go ahead and make a pretty wild declaration here – Hults Bruk, without a doubt, holds more legacy and heritage than just about all other outdoor gear brands combined. Simple math can clue you in to that: These crafty Swedes have been at it since 1697, forging the world’s finest axes and hatchets. Looking to bring a piece of hardware with you on your next camping trip? Are you a professional strongman hoping to clear tricky foliage like enormous tree trunks or anthropomorphic bush creatures? All those years spent perfecting the best axes has made Hults Bruk expertly equipped to equip you.

Seriously, just think about all the hard work that’s had to happen to get here. Water driven hammers were the technological workhorse back in the 17th century, and that sounds cool and all, but advancements due to years of in-house progress have helped to build the best axes ever. Oh, and grabbing techniques from pioneering American production methods sure didn’t help, either. Regardless of outstanding advances in manufacturing technology, Hults Bruk axes are still hand forged to this day – all 100,000, every year.

Hearty hickory handles built with their specific ax shapes in mind, hand-fitted and inspected to ensure your Hults Bruk purchase is just as tough and handy as you need it to be. Cutting trees? Clearing the garden? Looking for the most imposing way to split a grilled cheese sandwich? Hults Bruk has put in the hardwork to ensure your job gets done right.