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About Houdini Jackets:

Houdini Sportswear’s jackets are powered by the outdoors and are for the outdoors. This eco-friendly outerwear is recognized globally for its mission to protect the earth while also providing protective, stylish gear. They’re not trying to get you to buy a new coat year after year. This company is about building products that are timeless and versatile. Its mission is to design clothing and outerwear that lasts for generations and when the time comes, can be recycled and made new again.

Don’t let sustainably-sourced or eco-friendly labels fool you into thinking that Houdini jackets are flimsy and fragile. In fact, these jackets are insanely technical as a result of their sustainably-sourced materials. They’re made from 91% recyclable and renewable fabrics yet they still provide some of the best weather protection and warmth around. Lightweight and easy to carry, they’re the perfect companion for your carry-on or daypack.

Houdini shell jackets are great for strenuous outdoor adventures such as skiing, running, climbing, and hiking. The insulated jackets use Primaloft insulation which not only seals in body heat but it’s also very lightweight. In particular, The Bombastic Park is practically bombproof thanks to a 3-layer shell that protects against wind, snow, and rain. Their softshell jackets, such as the Mr/Mrs Dunfri, work well as a mid-layer as well as a coat for transitional seasons. We would be fools not to mention Houdini’s revolutionary fleece that’s found in jackets such as the Power Houdi and the H’Airy Houdi. It’s incredibly soft and supplies four-way stretch so your jacket mirrors your movement. It’s also breathable, insulated, and wicks away moisture and sweat.

Because Houdini is so passionate about the environment they want to make sure that their products last for many years to come in order to reduce the consumption rate. Thus, the care of their jackets is extremely important. It’s not difficult to take of them as long as you follow the proper washing instructions. First and foremost, Houdini recommends airing out your jacket before washing. No matter if it’s wool, a shell with a membrane, synthetic insulation, fleece, or a base layer, airing it out instead of washing is not only better for the environment but it will also extend the life of your coat. When it is time to be cleaned then machine wash with warm water and use an environmentally friendly detergent. If the materials are wool, polyester, a base layer, or fleece then hang dry after washing. If they’re softshell, a shell garment with membrane, or a lined synthetic garment then add in some heat (tumble dry on low, warming cupboard, or iron) to reactivate the water-resistant coating. Just make sure to keep an eye on the temperature so as to not damage your jacket.